Nudge, monitor and measure with your own app

You need your own app. Straightforward and with a minimum investment of time and money. BEDDERx software makes nudging, monitoring and measuring as easy as ABC. With your own logo and nudges, plus a bit of support from BEDDERx. Keep it affordable and start using it now. Find out how five very different clients made a flying start. Read their stories below.

Training & Coaching

Nudge participants to keep on practising

You’ve given company training about team culture and ethical leadership for years. And now you’ve come up with an innovative and simple idea: your training must become a journey that helps participants change their behaviour in their daily lives and on the work floor. You want an app that encourages participants to practise between training sessions and, once the training has finished, continue their journey for a while. The app will enliven the training sessions, enable people to learn from each other and motivate them to transition from knowing to doing.

Give our app a shot! Start small with a single group and limited upfront costs. With the option to finetune the app yourself.

BEDDERx has the solution you need

With BEDDERx software, you can launch your own app for ethical leadership. Including your own logo, content nudges and measurement questions configured in exactly the way you want. You will have your own dashboard to monitor use and progress. And you can actively collect the participant’s opinions and ratings to discover what they find important. There’s no need to worry about launching your app in the app stores. BEDDERx will take care of that for you.

The required investment? All you need is two evenings. Plus the annual licence for twenty participants. Just one month after your first call to BEDDERx, your app is live. Well in time for your next group.

Win-win: your client has more impact on the work floor and comes back to you. And you stand out from your competitors.

In your charitable organisation or NGO

Your own app to measure impact and nudge content

Your projects are about creating impact. So you really need to demonstrate how participants’ lives are changed. At present, you still send out a set of questionnaires every six months and conduct several interviews. However, this approach fails to give you the ‘stories’ you need. Various local parties participate in your projects and need to work together constructively. So now you plan to use an app to gain a better idea of the impact and intended collaboration. With the app, you can send motivational, well-timed micro-challenges to encourage collaboration between your partners. And you can also send measurement questions to find out what the project means in people’s lives.

BEDDERx has the solution you need

You receive your own app in your own house style. In no time, you’ve prepared a first series of nudges and measurement questions that can be used in English or Dutch. A project dashboard shows your interim progress. The solution helps your participants to transition from knowing to doing. And thanks to the monitoring, you can adjust things along the way and discuss any bottlenecks that arise.

The required investment? BEDDERx needs three preparatory meetings to train three of your project staff. And we will also produce a version of the app with your logo and colours. To start with, you will pay an annual licence for fifty employees, a number that can be increased at any time. Just two months after your first phone call with BEDDERx, your project app will be live and ready for introduction at the start of your second project year.

At your school

Your own app to help teachers develop in the classroom

Your school is making structural investments in the training of its teachers. The goal is personal and professional development to help teachers thrive in the classroom. Your staff are motivated, but high work pressure and the combination of online and offline teaching makes it hard for them to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom situation.

BEDDERx has the solution you need

Launch your own professional app for teachers and help them transition from knowing to doing. You determine the app’s content and you can adjust this as you go along. We deliver the app in your school’s house style. And you can configure the nudges and measurement questions to fit your needs. BEDDERx gives you feedback on your first series of nudges and publishes the app for you.

The required investment? All you need is two evenings plus the usage fee for thirty teachers for one school year. The app goes live and the first group can start within just one month after your first call to BEDDERx. Result: an investment you can continue to use in the coming years and expand with other training-related themes where nudging, measuring and monitoring are useful.

To accompany your book

Your own app to continue coaching the readers of your book

You write books that help your readers with their personal development. Your book is selling reasonably well and, besides that, you give training courses. However, due to a growing number of clients, you’ve now got less time to write. And that means you’re missing out on upselling opportunities. You decide you want an app to actively connect your community of readers and to help them bring about the intended behavioural change.

BEDDERx has the solution you need

You launch your own app in a style that matches your book. You can configure the nudges and pulse measurements yourself. BEDDERx takes care of publishing your app in the app stores and, of course, the activation code to issue to your readers and participants.

The required investment? At most two evenings plus the costs of fifty users for one year. Within just one month of your first call with BEDDERx your app goes live. Well in time to support the sales of your latest book. You’re pleased you’ve taken the step from a simple idea to a feasible innovation.

In your congregation

Enrich your congregations with themes and current issues
Imagine: you want to make your congregations more aware of important themes during the church year. You know that your congregation largely depends on the efforts of volunteers and that knowledge is lost when the baton is passed on. Also, you want to get a feel for what young people are currently into. After all, they’re the church of the future. You decide to make use of modern digital tools. Then you no longer need to depend on surveys that generate low responses and are all too often completed by the same people.

BEDDERx has the solution you need

Launch an app in the house style of your congregation, which contains nudges and measurements that highlight the current year theme. At the same time, you can use the app to build your own digital library to help your congregation train new volunteers and guide volunteers in their transition from knowing to doing. Your own support organisation can configure and manage the app. BEDDERx takes care of the technology and publishes the app in app stores. You decide which group to issue the app to first. You choose youth work and launch a pilot in several congregations.

The required investment? All you need is three preparatory meetings plus the cost of 250 users for one year. Within a month, your app is ready in time for the winter season and that includes a marketing campaign to promote the app.

Nudges coming from our own app are like small gifts. They are 'spot-on': exactly matching my current development needs. They inspire me to go ahead and put my knowledge into practice.

Andre de Rooij // Manager OE Shell Downstream