We are on a mission: inspiring leaders, people and organizations to create inspiring, challenging, yet ‘safe’ enough conditions for people to love their job and to be stretched to the edge of daring. Unleash people’s potential and creativity, and allow them to grow in a secure environment, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a human touch. BEDDERx puts leadership into action, keeps strategic journeys going, and helps build meaningful and lasting success.

Inspiring Organizations. Impacting Society.

We are on a mission: inspiring leaders and organizations to create challenging, inspiring, yet ‘safe’ enough conditions for people to thrive in their job and test their boundaries, unleash their potential and creativity, and grow in a secure environment. With an entrepreneurial spirit, and a human touch. BEDDERx puts leadership into action, keeps strategic journeys going, and helps build meaningful, enduring success.

Persistent, consistent, insistent

BEDDERX offers an apps platform that supports leaders and organizations in accomplishing desired change processes, and stimulates ongoing development in defining and executing strategies and business innovation. Key objectives: easy-to-use apps are used to support leaders in being persistent, consistent, and insistent in their behavior and communications, as main drivers for strategy execution. The apps incorporate insights provided by neuroscience, assisting leaders and team members in successfully adopting new ways of working, with greater ease and more fun!

Keeping strategic journeys going, putting leadership into action

BEDDERx teams up with thought-leaders and experts to co-create rich configurations of effective implementation tools and learning and development packs. We facilitate leaders in expanding their strategy processes and leadership development, and in creating moments of inspiration that get people mobilized and into action. Moreover, we enable leaders to retain the momentum, by transforming the energy of the inspiration into an ongoing journey of sustained, long-term successes.

More impact, meaningful returns  

The BEDDERx Apps Platform helps leaders leverage their return on investment with respect to strategy execution and organizational development and instill a safe, inspiring environment as a basis for meeting today’s business challenges. Together with our worldwide partners, we have built a platform that extends and deepens the executive process and learning experience, and enhances the meaningful effects within the client’s organization, enabling partners to develop social communities and reach new audiences that are traditionally out-of-scope.

The BEDDERx nudges are like receiving small gifts. They are 'spot-on': exactly matching my current development needs. They inspire me to go ahead and put it into practice.

Andre de Rooij // Manager OE Shell Downstream