Lasting impact of training, coaching and reading books

The BEDDERx app helps you to stay inspired and apply knowledge at the moments that really matter.

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The BEDDERx nudges are like receiving small gifts. They are 'spot-on': exactly matching my current development needs. They inspire me to go ahead and put it into practice.

Andre de Rooij // Manager OE Shell Downstream


  • Where can I request a registration code?

    You will receive a registration code for BEDDERx from your coach, trainer, teacher et cetera. This code ensures that you get the right information in the app and are linked to the right people. Would you like to get access to BEDDERx? Then contact us.

  • Forgotten password

    You can request a new password in the BEDDERx web client, or in the login screen of the app.

  • How can I log in to the web client?

    A limited number of the functions in the BEDDERx app on your phone or tablet are also available in the web client. You can log in via the Login button on the website. For example, you can add personal notes and plans / goals there, if you prefer to do this with a keyboard than on the screen of your phone / tablet.

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